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The Mini Guide To Driving in 2015
Supplying you with a complete guide to driving in 2015 would be a feat too large to conquer, so we present you with our mini guide to driving this year. We have included some great information about the advantages and disadvantages of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars; the three best sat nag apps; fuel saving techniques; and our top cars to buy/fantasise over in 2015.

Petrol VS Diesel VS Hybrid

Figuring out what car is the most suitable for your lifestyle and driving requirements is a difficult task because how do we know?
So here's a brief insight into what petrol, diesel and hybrids could do for you.

Petrol: Most petrol run vehicles are put down due to having bad emissions, but it all depends on what you use your car for. Petrol's are currently the cheapest cars to buy, but tend to be smaller in size than diesel versions. Although they're generally cheaper, petrol is more expensive - so remember there's a higher fuel cost! Petrol is most suitable, and cheaper, for those who mainly drive around the city and don't take too many long trips.

Diesel: They are currently considered the kings of the jungle when it comes to fuel saving, but once again, it's dependent upon the driving use. Diesel cars tend to be a little more expensive than petrol, by approximately 1500. Fuel is also more expensive, but they're fuel efficient so you won't refilling as much, saving you some money. Diesel cars are most suited to those who regularly make long journeys due to the fuel efficiency - you might have to initially spend a little more, but you'll save in the long run.

Hybrid: The concoction of a combined petrol and electric energy engine, which runs the car alternatively between the two. These are great for travelling in the city or if you encounter a lot of stop-start traffic as you can run on the electric energy! Although, on long journeys they are not much more conventional than petrol cars. Many hybrids now have bigger batteries that can be charged using a normal power socket, but unfortunately will cost you more than average. Hybrid cars are most suitable for those travelling in the city, or even those who have to sit in rush hour traffic.

Sat Nav Mobile Apps

1. CoPilot Premium: 19.99
This app might be the only one on the list that you have to pay for, but there's good reason for that. It's easy to use, quick and has many useful features. Maps are offline, so you don't need Internet to use them. Traffic guidance is only free for the first 12 months, and if you want European maps, they're quite expensive.

2. Waze: Free
A simple app to use, with crowd-sourced traffic information to help you. Doesn't lag and runs well. Maps are online, which means you'll need unlimited data as all maps stream from the Internet.

3. Google Maps: Free
Nice design and simple to use, however it has some location lag issues. Maps are online again, which means you need unlimited or a fair amount of data. But, for a free app you can't go wrong.

Fuel Saving Tips & Tricks

After the festive period, we're all after the best advice to save some money in areas that we overspend. Unfortunately, for too many of us, a large part of our money goes towards petrol. We have five quick and simple tips that will help you to save on fuel.

- Check tyre pressure: If your tyres are flat, then your vehicle is working harder and using more fuel. Keep on top of the pressure.

- Turn off air-conditioning: If it's not too hot, use a hand fan or something similar. Air-conditioning uses a lot of petrol to keep working.

- Accelerate slowly: It's tempting to put your foot down and overtake the learner, but you won't get any further and you'll waste fuel.

- Make less trips: Using the car for lots of short trips in a day uses more petrol than if you tried to do errands in one trip.

- Get rid of extra weight: No, this isn't a New Years resolution - extra weight in your car makes it work harder and use more fuel. Cut down the boot intake.

Cars to look out for in 2015

Finally, we show you four cars that you should definitely be looking out for. If you're going to be buying this year and you're after something new and sleek, then these are the cars to go for.

Peugeot 108: 8,245+
This revamped and improved version of the 107 is a great city car with low CO2 emissions. 1 litre or 1.2 litre petrol and 5 speed manual or automatic.

Jaguar XE: 26,995+
This slender and sporty saloon car won't disappoint as you show off your suave side. 6 speed manual, 2 litre petrol or diesel.

Citroen C4: 15,000+ (estimate)
The C4 has been given a facelift and is now more family friendly than ever. Pricing estimate as it is not yet available. 1.6 litre petrol, 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol or 2 litre diesel, low fuel emission and built in conjunction with BMW.

Land Rover Discovery Sport: 32,395+
The reinvented Discovery has returned and it's more of a brute than ever. Looking bigger and badder than before, you'll look ready for anything. 6 speed manual, 9 speed automatic and 2.2 litre SD4.

Ford Mustang: 30,000+
This popular vintage classic has finally been revived, and although not restored to it's original beauty, definitely gives it a shot. 6 speed manual and 3.7 litre.

Toyota Auris Hybrid: 11,200 - 15,137 (estimate)
The Auris Hybrid has been reinvented and is more efficient and aerodynamic than ever. 1.3 litre or 1.4 litre petrol and the electric battery can charge itself.

Ford SUV: 30,000+
One of the UK's most popular car brands has finally branched out into the 4x4 territory. 6 speed manual or automatic and 2 litre turbodiesel engine.
Car Park Labyrinth
None of us enjoy boasting about how precise our driving is, and we'll all admit when we've parked the car awfully. However, most of us are confident that we could successfully leave a car park in under four minutes. But that's just not true for all drivers...

One motorist in Canada exited this car park as if they were stuck in a mind-bending labyrinth of parked cars, but it looked more like they just haven't figured out the angles of reversing.

You'll be cheering them on by the end of the video:
No Vehicles on Sundays
It's become inevitable that as our population grows, so has the amount of cars on our roads. This increase means that traffic jams will grow, so the Government will be spending 15bn to improve many of the UK's roads and motorways. Alongside this, Boris Johnson wants to introduce car-free Sundays in Central London.

It may seem bizarre, but it's part of the plan to ensure the roads don't become too clogged and overwhelmed. Johnson recently visited Jakarta, where roads are closed 6am on Sundays and he said he "was blown away by the popularity of the car-free Sunday here." Seeing the success of this scheme has driven Johnson to air his idea.

Bristol is already leading the way in the carless innovation as they have two roads shut to cars every Sunday, which was well received and popular amongst the community.

For some this proposal will seem preposterous, but with the news from the RAC Foundation that road users will go from 36 million to 43 million in the next couple of decades, it could be a vital change. With the restrictions on emissions put in place by the EU, a car-free day in such a busy city could make a big difference.

It is unknown yet whether or not the car-free Sunday could come into play - but it will bring discussion from those who hate the idea and those who support it. Until then, we can look forward to major improvements to certain roads to reduce traffic.
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