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Demolishing All The Paper Parts Of Driving
Since October 1st, drivers no longer have to display the paper tax discs in their front windows, as everything has moved over to technology, and now tax is all stored electronically. Now another part that was vital to driving is being abolished, and that's the paper counterpart of your driving licence.

As of January 1st 2015, drivers will no longer need their paper part of the driving licence, although the DVLA have said to keep the paper part until the change comes into action. If applying now, or making an amendment to your current licence, you will be issued with only the photo card section of the driving licence. The DVLA also said, “If you have an old style paper driving licence issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998, this change won’t affect you, and you should keep your licence."

Along with this change, prices of driving licences are set to drop from £50 to £34, and down to an astonishing £14 for those renewing their license after ten years. The reason for this change is to save drivers approximately £18 million and save the industry about £2 million per year. It seems the DVLA are in the process of phasing out most paper parts of driving, which is finally some good news for the cost of being a driver, which can be very expensive.

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New Zealand Fire Up Attention
Here in the UK, all the recent drink driving campaigns have been quite shocking and distressing, showing us horrific car accidents and drivers under the influence of drugs. These hard-hitting videos use shock tactics to remind us of the devastation that can be caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Whereas in New Zealand, they've decided to go for a slightly lighter campaign and show two children mimicking their Dad's driving whilst "blazed". Although the video uses dark humour to gain attention, it still conveys a powerful message about driving after having taken drugs.

Watch it here:
Everyone's Christmas Spirit Is Here, But Avoid The Alcoholic Kind
As we enter December and start to panic about presents and where has the biggest turkey, there's a bigger issue to remember; drink driving. During the festive season alcohol consumption increases by 40% in the UK, meaning there is a higher risk of accidents caused by drink driving. Both the Police and THINK! have released video campaigns to remind people to be sensible and think of the devastating consequences that could happen.

In order to keep the roads safe during this time, we've compiled some of the best tips to ensure you, or someone you know, doesn't take a risk and drink drive.

1. Leave your car at home
If you've already made plans to have a drink, even if it's just the one, leave the car at home. Taking your vehicle out whilst drinking is asking for trouble. The easiest way to avoid making this mistake is to just not take it. If you can, call a taxi, take the bus or even walk there - no one is going to get hurt this way.

2. Stealing is better than drunk driving
If you know someone who is drunk and attempting to drive, you must stop them from doing so. Taking someone's car keys might enrage them, but they'd be more enraged if they'd driven home and had a serious accident. You might not want to be the boring one, but actually you’re being sensible and saving lives.

3. Give someone the job of taxi
Before you go out for drinks with the girls or the guys, see if anyone is happy to be designated driver. Having someone designated could stop anyone from drinking too much and getting behind the wheel. By appointing someone, everyone knows what he or she can and can't drink.

4. Getting sober doesn't always work
When you were younger and didn't want your parents to know you'd been drinking, you'd try every thing from coffee to exercise to sober up. But it never fooled your parents, so why would it fool the law? Sobering-up tricks don't work and you should avoid them at all costs.

5. Watch the time from bottle to throttle
You might feel fine after a couple of hours, but if you were to know your blood alcohol level, you'd feel otherwise. Knowing the exact time is impossible, as alcohol affects people differently, but you should leave a considerable amount of time. Make a note of the time you had your last drink and leave at least 12 hours between then and driving.

6. Eat something substantial
Alcohol won't affect you as adversely if you have eaten a substantial amount of food. You might have only had one drink, but if you haven't eaten all day, you could be quite drunk and not even realise. If you're going to have the allowed amount of alcohol and drive, make sure you've eaten a good meal.

7. But be careful of what you're eating
Around Christmas we go and visit various people, where you get fed nuts, crisps, chocolates - but some could contain alcohol. You might have turned down a glass of Baileys but how many chocolate liquors have you had? You might not feel the effects, but you could be over the limit and you wouldn't want to be convicted of drink driving because you scoffed too many chocolates.

8. Just don't drink alcohol!
It's all well and good making sure you're monitoring what you drink, how much you're eating and how you feel, but the easiest way to stay safe is not to drink. If you know you have to drive, just don't have a drink! It can be difficult in social situations, but your friends would be more ashamed of you if you caused an accident due to drink driving, rather than if you're the only one drinking orange juices.

This time of year people are more likely to drink than they are at any other time of the year, so make sure you're sensible. Be responsible for yourself, and for others if they are trying to drive whilst under the influence. The truth is, still too many people die on UK roads due to drink driving, either by themselves or someone else, so make sure you're not exacerbating the situation. Always think about the consequences and don't drink and drive.

Watch the THINK! campaign here:
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