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Ford Green Cars Are Set To Expand
Over the course of the past few years, the EU and the Government have been urging us and car companies to move towards cleaner energy and more economical cars. Therefore the rise of "green" cars is ever growing and it might be time for us to seriously start thinking about more earth friendly cars.

Ford currently only have one electric car available, giving buyers of the green car no room for choice other than the Focus hatchback, which has an electric motor instead of a petrol powered engine. Most customers like choice, therefore Ford have decided to offer their green buyers a range of electric cars that will be slightly different to the usual petrol and diesel fuelled models.

Ford will offer a bespoke range of models, which will be electric and plug-in hybrids - offering another range of models gives those who buy economical cars the choice to have something slightly different. Although prices and the exact look of the cars have not been released, there will still be the continued help of the Government grant that will pay �5000 of the costs towards your green car. If you're thinking about going green and you're also looking for an affordable and reliable car, keep your eyes peeled for Ford's bespoke range.
Don't Let These Activities Gain You Points and a Fine
We all abide by the Highway Code and most of us would consider ourselves good drivers, however, the law doesn�t always agree with this. Sometimes the smallest of things that we do whilst driving could land you in serious trouble if you're not careful to concentrate whilst doing so.

There's an extensive list of activities, such as hair brushing, loud music and undressing that could potentially lead you to either a fine or points on your license. They seem ridiculous, but it's true. So we've compiled a list of activities that, if they distract you, could leave you with dangerous driving charges, which carry fines from �500 to three or more points on your license.

� Not using your phone whilst driving has become tremendously important, and you will face serious consequences if caught whilst doing so. Therefore we pull over to take a call or text, but that can also land you with three points. When you pull over to use your mobile phone, you must turn off your engine, otherwise it's considered still driving whilst texting/calling - you'll get a �100 fine and three points, although they're considering upping it to six points.

� The rush to work can be stressful, therefore we've all eaten our breakfast on the go, which often means in the car. Scoffing a banana, sandwich or pack of crisps whilst driving along seems harmless, but if you're caught you could face three points on your license. If you managed to eat a bowl of cereal in your car, that would be cause for a medal, not a punishment.

� For us ladies (and some of you men) it can be tempting to put on some lipstick or a little bit of lip balm when on our way to a date, but if this causes you to become distracted, you could face another �100 fine and three points, just for looking pretty.

� If you ever let your dog (or any other pet you might have) roam around your car and stick its head out the window, you're probably thinking you're being kind to the dog, which is true. But the law doesn't care about kindness, and if your dog distracts you or another driver, which results in an accident, it will be your fault. You can only name and shame your dog once you get home.

� Teaching your children to drive could be the greatest achievement or the worst idea ever, either way, you need to ensure that you're in the right mind to teach that person. If you're teaching someone to drive and either use your phone, or are over the limit for alcohol, you will be arrested. Learners need a responsible teacher who is not distracted and can take over from driving.

� Do you ever look at your car and just wonder when you'll get the time to clean it? Well, it might seem that a dirty car only affects the looks but if you're caught with a filthy number plate, you could be looking at a hefty �1000 fine. The reasons for this are; other drivers cannot get your details in case of an accident; police officers cannot get your number, nor can speed cameras. Even if you can't wash the whole car, wipe down your number plates.

� Being inside a car is often like being inside a bubble which no one else can access, hear or even see - but actually they can. Listening to loud music in the car is often quite fun and you can have the greatest solo concert of your lifetime, but only if you're concentrating. You can be fined for listening to music too loudly if it's distracting your driving and your skills.

� We all worry about speed cameras and keep constant check on our speed to ensure we're sticking to the limits and won't end up in trouble. But if you're driving too slow, you can also face the same consequences as if you were speeding. You can be charged with "driving without consideration for other road users" which carries 3-9 points, and even disqualification in some cases.

� The majority of us understand that drink driving is illegal and dangerous, and understand their limits when it comes to having a drink and driving. Although, there are hidden goods that contain alcohol and could put you well over the limit. Liquor filled chocolates, or any other alcohol based sweet treats, and mouthwash can both put you far over the limit, so be careful what you're consuming. You might not feel over the limit, and won't believe you are if you haven't had a drink, but be careful because these can leave you with serious driving convictions.

Avoiding driving offences and criminal charges is easy if you're aware of everything that can put you in trouble. Although most of us are careful and thoughtful drivers, we won't all be aware of the possible difficulties that could be faced if police officers believe you are driving dangerously. Most of the points are not illegal in themselves e.g. it's not illegal to eat whilst driving but if you become distracted and this causes an accident or an incident (going through a red light, not giving way etc) you will be responsible. Therefore be careful at all times, and only do something if it is necessary and you are certain you are concentrating and in control of the car.
Impound Your Own Car!
Most videos of drivers participating in crazy antics come from Russia or equally dangerous places to be on the roads, but this incident actually happened in Walthamstow, London.

It must be a gutting feeling, walking back to your car and seeing it's being impounded, clamped or even having a ticket written on it. Many of us would have had the urge to jump in the car and drive off just before they got our number plate, but we all know you have to just accept the consequences. However, this young man was exceptionally distressed at seeing his car being impounded and decided to take matters into his own hands...

Watch the video here:
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