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Who's Driving Your Public Bus?
The driverless car by Google was introduced to us a few months ago and has been trialling in California, where it has already accumulated an impressive 300,000 miles. Now, the reality of driverless motoring has finally reached the UK, with the arrival of talks about driverless buses.

Claire Perry, Transport Minister, believes that by introducing these self-sufficient buses, they will be able to provide "better and more frequent" services to the public. Work has already been done to identify problems that may stop the plan from going any further.

The bus company that will first introduce driverless buses is yet to be announced, however there is speculation that it will be Transport For London as they have already expressed their interest for the vehicles.

Driverless cars are to be trialled throughout three cities in the UK during 2015, which will determine existing issues and the rules that will need to be implemented to keep the roads safe. Laws will initially require a fully qualified driver to be sat behind the wheel at all times, however this may eventually be changed.

These vehicles drive by locating their exact GPS position and then navigating across the map to the destination. There are concerns surrounding the publicís reaction to driverless vehicles and how safe they would feel on the road, but Claire Perry understands some roads users will feel unsure but believes this technology is the way forward.
When Potholes Attack!
The cold weather has arrived and that means the dreaded arrival of potholes. We might moan about the size of potholes in the UK, but if you venture to Ukraine you'll find out they're much worse over there.

One man found out the true meaning of a large pothole when he was driving home and had to stop. Suddenly the floor collapsed beneath him to unearth a terrifying hole that almost swallowed his 4x4 whole. Luckily the man escaped unscathed - but next time you're moaning to someone about the atrocious potholes always remember, it could be worse.
How To Prepare Your Car For Winter
Winter has recently crept up on us, leaving us with numb hands and running noses, but it's time you start thinking about preparing your car for the harsh months ahead.

Getting your vehicle ready for winter is important to ensuring no damage or breakdowns occur, therefore we've compiled a checklist of essential points to help you prepare your vehicle.

1. Keep your battery running
Winter affects your battery greatly, so it's a good idea to make sure it's in good condition. Batteries need replacing approximately every five years, so if it's about that time, change it before winter or you might encounter an expensive break down. Another way to keep it working correctly, is to make sure you run the car for a little bit each day - if you're not using it for certain days, just start it up and let it run for around five minutes.

2. Don't let your water freeze over
The water in your cooling system can become frozen if not mixed with anti-freeze, which can cause complications to your vehicle. The more concentrated you make your mix of water and anti-freeze, the less likely it will become frozen. Firstly make sure you use the right anti-freeze for your vehicle, and have a 50-50 mix of water and anti-freeze solution.

3. Tread carefully with your tyres
If possible, you should change your tyres to either winter tyres or all season tyres, but unfortunately that may not be possible for everyone. If you cannot afford to change to winter tyres, you should make sure your tyres have a 3mm depth minimum. A common myth is that if you reduce the tyre pressure, you'll gain more grip however this is false, you'll only make the vehicle unstable.

4. Don't get locked out in the cold
Doors and locks can get stuck during winter, which can mean you're stood outside your car re-enacting the story of the giant turnip that would just not come unstuck. For doors, all you need to do is put some Vaseline (or shop bought spray) on the rubber seal around the door, and it won't stick. As for locks and handles, you'll need something a bit more durable like WD40 on them.

5. Fill your boot with goodies
There are some essential items that could save you if you were to become stranded in particularly bad weather. In your boot, it's wise to carry a shovel, blanket, water and some food. There's no need to overdo it on water and food, but something small will be wise, just in case. You might also want to carry a phone charger in the front of the car, as you never know when you might need to call someone for help.

6. Rely on yourself and not others
Many of us rely on the person we call for help, to provide the towrope or jump leads, but often you'll come across situations where neither of you have them. The chance of breaking down is increased in winter, especially when it snows, so carry both around in case the help you call doesn't have one.

7. Preparation, preparation, preparation!
Every morning before you start your journey, you need to allow some extra time to prepare your car for the journey. You might need to de-ice your car some mornings and others you might need to scrape snow off. Leave time to do these and don't rush them, as it can be dangerous for you and other drivers. You should also make sure you have a good amount of petrol everyday in case you did get stranded and needed the petrol to keep the car running and you warm.

As tedious as it may be to carry out all these checks, they are essential to keeping your car running and avoiding a break down. After last winter's harsh conditions, including flooding and severe wind, it's in everyone's best intentions to keep your vehicle safe, which ultimately will protect you from the elements. Once you've prepared your car for winter, you can prepare yourself and make sure you get home to the warmth everyday.
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